I was asked to design our church logo for the Relay for Life tee shirts. I have designed many tee shirts in the past, so I thought that it would be “a piece of cake.” But in reality, I felt dry as a bone with no inspiration, even when I looked at other logos.

In my Experiencing God group, some of us are using a daily prayer journal as a supplement to our study and that day, I decided to put a postscript to God about somehow inspiring me that day. I had no time set aside for designing, in fact my prayer was meant to sound like “sometime soon, inspire me God, but not today…. I’m too busy.” But that was not what God wanted.

I was preparing a cake for two of our deacons that were coming over the next day. As my two round cakes rose and rose and rose, I became frustrated that they would not be nice, flat, and perfect. They rose to the point of cracking like a giant fault line down both of the cakes. As I pulled these mutilated masterpieces out, I noticed something unusual about the cracks on the top: they were shaped like a heart and a dove! Immediately I went to the computer and designed this logo.

Many of you have seen the cake tops (I had to cut them off to make my layer cake lay correctly) (and for those that haven’t – they are pictured below) and have seen how God can use anything to inspire us and answer our prayers. I had not set aside time that day to look for things on the internet to “inspire” me, but God had much greater plans that would bring Him much glory! He simply said, “You want inspiration? No problem! Piece of cake!”

In Christian Love, Lorri Phillips