All across our site people are cashing in with the Floptober Fest promotion. I’ve seen a few poor souls who have been seated in a few of these hands, but have yet to hold the quads themselves. So for these folks I’m doing something special. Simply use the following sentence in the chat of a hand that features a Floptober Fest win, and you win! “Blog me! I saw a sanghoki Flop!”

It that easy, 7 little words, one little bonus, just for you! I check all the Floptober hand personally, so you won’t be missed.

Double Quad Queens!

While I was at the beach working on my sunburn 8erChamp was busy cashing in on Floptober, not once, not twice in two days, but twice in the one day!

We were excited last week when thaDOGfather flopped quads twice in two days to take home a tidy Floptober bonus, but the weekends efforts really take the cake. It was a long session for 8erChamp it was just over 4 hours between his two big hands, but the long hours were rewarded when he had his second pair of pocket queens matured into a lovely set of quad queens on the flop. Im pretty sure that 8erChamp has a new favorite starting hand now, 2 fine ladies!

Struck twice!

They say that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. I personally can’t vouch for or against that theory, maybe go ask Mythbusters. HOWEVER, I can definitely confirm that Floptober can in fact strike twice!

The amazing part of this story is that it wasn’t just twice in the month, it was twice in two day! The lucky player in question is thaDOGfather, if I’m him I’m buying a lottery ticket quick smart, his luck is running hot!

Don’t become your nickname

Just when I was thinking I would be writing a blog about playing it safe against raises, because all of todays Floptober winners had taken down their hands without getting much value, I get to the final hand…

The action took place at a $2/$4 table, so we aren’t even talking about a penny game, these are real dollars. Pepeman made it $16 to go with his pocket queens, and got a caller from the small blind, this is where the don’t become your nickname comes from. In the small blind was DONK4LIFE, and on this hand he certainly played just like he advertises with his nickname. DONK4LIFE had pocket 7’s, so the call wasn’t so bad, he could be up against a big drawing hand that misses. Unfortunately for him the flop comes down Q-Q-3, me makes the smart move of checking, and Pepeman with his nutty quads bets out $26. At this point alarm bells should have gone off, and DONK4LIFE should have let his sevens go, but for some reason he called. The turn is a 10 and DONK4LIFE again checks and this time manages to lay it down when Pepeman bets out.

If a preflop raise, and an over pair on the board followed by a big bet doesn’t scream out “YOUR SEVENS ARE NO GOOD!” I just don’t know what does.

I’m willing to call this a rush of blood, I’m guessing DONK4LIFE plays plenty of good poker too, this hand was just a story that needed to be told.

Here are all todays winners:

DrHLecter $25 JoshFurrow $25 KingDE $4 Grik0s $50 MRMEATNY $10 DiplVwRG1 $25 RICHHY $300 pepeman $400

We aren’t even a third of the way through the month yet, so there is still plenty of time for you to flop your big quads and win your own piece of this promo, just play in any cash game and flop a set of quads queens or higher. It’s happening everyday, tomorrow could be your day.