Beauty Tips for the Holidays

  We are almost at the finish line! The gifts for loved ones are beautifully wrapped, our homes are bathed in shimmering lights, and festive savory meals are being planned. So much love and care goes into preparing for the holidays…let us not forget to pamper our skin during these

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Casino King Review

Introduction to Casino King: Casino King is an EU based casino that is run by Intercontinental Online Gaming Ltd, so they are essentially an independent casino. The company behind them were first established in 1997 and have offered Casino King since 2002. They offer a strict code of conduct involving

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Flip It with Casino

    “Just wanted to thank you for writing the Flip-it analysis.  (I teach game design at MIT and handed it out in class.)”  — Jon   Introduction You’ve probably seen Flip-It: You insert quarters or dollar tokens into the machine, mechanical spinners flip the coin up onto a shelf,

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So this guy says…”Would you like rtp online $700?”

  The “Spring Hotel” is like most underground games, with that cheap homegame air and the same rotating roster of players. They rake 5% of every pot with no cap. They give us free pizza from some non-National chain and offer as much Sprite as we can pissibly drink. The same dealer is always there and at least half of the table is always players I know well. Most of

sbo Reportus Interuptus

  In the little town of Willits, CA, the waitressess have eyes like sea creatures and serve your food with a smile you know really isn’t a smile. It’s the same as Davenport, Iowa, where the entire collection of townfolk are sizing you up to make sure you’ll fit on their grill come sundown. You eat quickly and ignore the tatse of bitter almonds in your food. As long as

Qualify for World Cup of Poker During PokerStars VIP Club Mega Month

  PokerStars is gearing up for the eighth World Cup of Poker, and so should you! Stage 1 qualifiers to represent your nation in the WCP battle begin soon, running August 20th through August 21st. Make the team and defend your nation well and you could find yourself in The Bahamas representing one of the seven countries in a live tournament showdown you’ll never forget, as part of the 2012

Poker slothoki at the 19th Hole

  It called itself a cigar bar, but a few cigars in a case and a leather couch hardly make it such. In fact, the place was so small, one cigar probably would have been enough to smoke me out. Thankfully, everyone ignored the “cigar” part of the name. I was one of the first players to arrive, but that’s probably because I didn’t know the 8pm start time really

North Korea Labels Barack Obama a “Monkey,” Threatens U.S. with “Deadly Blows”

  North Korea has upped the ante in its feud with the United States. In the wake of The Interview being released in select theaters on Christmas Day, along with an Internet outage this week in North Korea, a spokesperson for that unstable nation has come out swinging against President Barack Obama. Via a statement that blames America for North Korea’s latest World Wide Web disruptions, the totalitarian regime’s ruling


Missions volunteers getting home base in New York City, Canada, Puerto Rico

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP)–Southern Baptists’ ambitious plans for sending thousands of volunteers to work with new and existing churches in New York next year once faced a harsh reality of life in the city. With hotel rooms running $200 or a more a night and local churches far too small to serve as overnight hosts, housing was a problem. The solution: a corner building in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn