A lot has been said and written about Judi Online – how the ‘fad’ is beginning to fade out. A newspaper article recently spoke about how the viewership of several poker-related programs is showing a downswing. The viewership of even such programs as those on the WSOP, the WPT and the “Celebrity Poker Showdown” is said to be declining. However, all one needs to do is to look at the continuing performance of the game to see that it is in great shape. Poker rooms are being reinstated in casinos like the Caesar’s Palace and the Venetian in Las Vegas. In other casinos they are being further expanded, like the Foxwoods poker room. Over the last year or so, live action poker rooms are bursting at the seams, trying to accommodate more players. Television viewership may not be at its peak, as it was a couple of years ago; but poker based programs still make for very viable options for many a network. Recently the NBC counter-programmed the Super Bowl pre-game show with the finals of the Poker Superstars International and this was hugely successful. The Travel Chanel and the ESPN are immensely happy with their telecasts on poker and both have made multiple deals on the game. All this, in no way undermines the importance, the popularity or the success of poker – it only proves that Poker is here to stay!

Myths About Poker

Poker as a game has been subjected to innumerable theories, rumors and falsehoods. It is a game full of myths though and some of the more important ones are outlined below, for you:

Poker is illegal: The U.S. government gives recognition to poker, as a game of skill. In some places there are jurisdictions and playing poker for money is illegal. However, playing poker is not illegal.

It takes a lot of time to learn the game: Today with resources like the Super System, written by Doyle Brunson, it has become very simple to learn the game and play it at the competitive level.

There is only bluffing in Poker: One of the biggest mistakes that is made by novices, is to assume that poker is all about bluffing. Pros win by getting full value for their hands and minimizing losses of their weaker hands.

Online Poker is rigged: Online poker is just the newest victim of slandering from sub-standard players.

No Limit Hold’em is skillful poker at its best: A form of poker that uses even more skill is Pot Limit Hold’em.

The game is all about luck: Poker is as much a game of skill as of luck.

Ted Forrest – The National Heads-Up Poker Champion

The National Heads-Up Poker Championship was clinched by Ted Forrest, who beat an impressive field of professional players and defeated Chris Ferguson a second time, in two years. Forrest is the winner of five World Series of Poker bracelets. Pahrumpvalleytimes.com reports:

Forrest the winner, of five World Series of Poker bracelets who hones his play at cash games in Las Vegas, defeated five professionals in the unique one-on-one, bracket style event to reach the last table. Then he came from behind in the best-of-three final, beating Ferguson with three kings to take home $500,000 and first place.